On a break

I’m afraid getting to know date # 3 has kept me very busy lately, but now I’m back – and yet again single. I find it really hard to meet someone who is at the same place as me at the same time, and who shares my values. But I will just keep on looking – after I’ve had a short break from dating.

And break it is, though it is more long than short! I’m currently in Cagliari, Sardinia, on a 2 1/2 week holiday that will take me from Milan in the north to Rome in the…middle. Cagliari is a buzzing city and Sardinia’s capital – its old city centre is a fortress with two tall towers that give you a great view over the city. About 4 km outside the city there’s a 8 km long white beach, where I spent a few relaxing hours yesterday.

I will write more about my wonderful holiday tomorrow, starting from the beginning! Now I’m off for a run before I pack up my suitcase and head out into the sunshine. Tonight I’m taking the overnight ferry over to Civitavecchia and the train onwards to Rome. Only two more Italian nights for me, and then my holiday is over…

  • Ja, det kan du si. Livet kom i veien og jeg glemte hvor morsomt det er å skrive?!? Jeg har dessverre ikke noe godt svar, men bare det at du spør gjør at jeg vil begynne igjen. Så tusen takk for oppmuntringen!

  • Anonymous

    Hvorfor fortsetter du ikke?