2011 purchasing ban

Yes, the financial crisis has finally hit me and I have introduced a purchasing ban for the year. Only the bare necessities are allowed, like food and the odd dinner out, in addition to tights and the occasional accessory.

I believe I introduced a similar ban about six months ago, without any success. But I’m not one to give up, so I’ll try again. This ban follows a rather expensive December and January, thanks to getting a tad carried away Christmas shopping, both in Norway and Beijing (I’ll tell you more about my wonderful holiday some other day), followed by a great birthday party in January. I have also managed to buy a few gifts for myself these last few weeks, so no need to feel sorry for me. I have a HUGE warderobe to peruse, and my goal for 2011 is to make better use of and have more fun with my extensive clothes collection.

The very last thing I purchased before the ban was introduced was a beautiful sweater dress from Stella McCartney. I love her clothes, but have only ever bought one of her scarves due to the collection’s rather high price tag. When I saw this sweater on sale, I just couldn’t resist.

A few weeks’ ago I also purchased these funky shoe boots from Asos. I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow, now what the snow and ice has finally disappeared. I probably have a window of about a week to wear before we are snowed in again!

  • Fantastisk spennende blogg innlegg! Jeg skal bli en trofast leser!! Keep it up