Back in action

After a long break I am back in action, thanks to a good friend whose enthusiasm for her newly published blog woke me up from my sleep, and also the simple question an anonymous person left in my last entry: Why don’t you continue?

To be honest, I have no good reason why I had such a long break, other than that it can be lonely in cyber space. But I’m back, and I will keep at it for as long as I think it’s fun!

A lot has happened since my last entry: I’m yet again seeing date # 3. We are slowly getting to know each other and things are going well. We have led very different lives up until now, which can be challenging, but learning about and accepting each other will  make us stronger.

I have also been on a couple of trips since July, travel bum as I am! First, I took my mum to Rome for a nice long weekend. While the weather at home was freezing cold, we enjoyed the sunshine in the Vatican gardens. Rome is one of my favourite cities and it was so exciting to show my mum all the sights she had only seen on tv or read about in books! We stayed at the same hotel I used back in July, Hotel Julia in via Rasella 29 (Tel. 06 488 1637, info@hoteljulia.it). This is a reasonably priced hotel just 5 minutes from the Trevi fountain and about 10 minutes from the Spanish steps – in other words PERFECT for sightseeing.

The hotel also recommended a local restaurant about three minutes down the road that had absolutely delicious Italian food, as you would imagine an Italian mama making it. We ate there three times in four days…

Here is a collection of photographs from the trip- Enjoy!

The beautiful spiral staircase in the Vatican
St. Peter’s bacilica
The Pantheon has lighting in the autumn – this was new to me, as I’ve only ever seen it naturally lit up by the hole in the ceiling
Laziness + gullible tourists = cash?
As always, the Trevi fountain was packed with tourists and locals alike (and just 5 minutes from our hotel!)
A cute girl chasing the pigeons in front of St. Peters’ basilica
The Capitol
Foro Romano seen from the entrance side (which had moved since my last visit and took us forever to find!)
I don’t dare writing where this picture is taken – I will be arrested…
More Foro Romano. The first time I saw this sight I was left speechless – people tend to focus on Colosseum and forgetting all about Foro Romano, though it is just as impressive.
Colosseum is always impressive and there are hardly any lines when travelling in the autumn! I managed to capture two of the “actors” in the picture – unless you pay up, they are normally very camera shy.

These last two photographs were taken when I was in Rome back in June. As you can see, there is only natural light in the Pantheon  – and it looks much cooler!

This is my favourite statue in Rome, though I can never remember what it is called…: