The great wall of China

Recently, I spent an amazing week in Beijing! I visited the city about 19 years ago and it was incredible to see the change the city has gone through. From low houses and hutongs to skyskrapers and digital boards, from 1 million bicycles to what feels like 1 million cars! And the ironic thing is, I thought the pollution was a lot worse 19 years ago than this time around, which doesn’t make sense.

One of the highlights of my trip was the Chinese wall. In December, there are hardly any tourists around, which made the visit a very relaxing experience. Also, we visited a more distant and more beautiful part of the wall than the more popular spot closer to the city, thereby avoiding the crowds. Apart from a few stray tourists and some Chinese visitors, we were the only tour group on the wall. We also had amazing weather, particular considering that the previous day was so foggy we could barely find our way around the Forbidden city!

The entrance – and like anywhere else, the Chinese see a business opportunity!
The amazing state of the stairs leading up to the wall. Far better than most public staircases in Norway…
The view at the top of the stairs, standing on the wall.
Up and down, and all around…
…and up the hill on the other side. I wouldn’t mind knowing what the letters are saying, something suitably communistic and nationalistic, I’m sure.
And the wall continues over the mountain tops far in the distance!
Stairway to heaven…
Visiting in the off-season = no tourists = bad for business = time to play cards
An Obama bag, anyone?!?