More colours

This pink sweater has been out of my closet for quite a while, as I’ve been trying to find out how to wear it. Since it’s rather short, I had to find a way to wear it without exposing my paunch. I think I was won over by its colour and softness when I bought it, and didn’t consider its (lack of) length.
Anyway, being inspired by the current fashion-world colour bonanza, I decided on a shirt that’s equally pink and colourful – and most importantly longer. It is also a tad shiny, which works well with the wool skirt and sweater. We should always listen to Stacey and Clinton in What not to wear and bring together texture, shine, pattern and colour (did I get that fourth one right?) in our outfits!
Sweater: Hobbs
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Les Néréides
Skirt: TopShop (I apologise for the wrinkles)
Tights: Probably H&M
Boots: Bianco