Wardrobe malfunction

My wardrobe is falling apart. And I mean this in the most literal way.

OK, it was just a drawer, but it was equally annoying.

Many months ago I proudly changed most of the shelves in my closet for pullout drawers from Ikea. Though the drawers are narrower than a shelf and there now is a lot of folding involved to fit the clothes in, drawers make it so easy to find what it is at the back of your closet.

I’ve been enjoying – and admittedly, sometimes admiring – the drawers for about six months now, until yesterday, when, without warning, the bottom one just fell down. There are now two big holes where the screws used to be and the drawer is sitting on the floor, forcing me to step over it every time I want to get to the windows.

Intentionally, I had left a large space between this drawer and the one above, to allow for topping off the drawer with my large collection of longsleeved t-shirts. Being tall and all, I use these under sweaters and cardigans to ensure that I’m both decent, warm and non-itchy (when wearing wool). This top-off was probably the reason for the “accident” – the drawer become too heavy.

Right, off I go to drill new holes and reattach my dear drawer. Darn, how I sometimes wish there was a man in the house whom I could presuade to do this! Well, come to think of it, my ex was totally useless around a drill, so I’m probably better off doing it myself. I could still do with a nice man, though…