Accident prone

According to… well, just about everyone, most accidents happen in the home.

I’ve had a few, mostly cooking related: Chopping my fingertip off with my new knives, burning my hand in the stove, burning my tounge on hot food (greedy wench).

Some of the most serious accidents have been outfit-related, however. Here is the most recent:

Yes, that is a rather large hole in my new top. The result of making popcorn. That is, popcorn gone wrong.

You see, in addition to burning* a large hole in my top, the heat was on too high and the popcorn didn’t pop and what did was burnt.

So you can imaging how grumpy I was when both the top and the popcorn were ruined!

Now, do we think H&M still has this top left in stock?!?

*Beware when cooking in clothes made of viscose! The fabric actually melted from being in contact with the hot saucepan. This has happened to me before, so I should have known better…