Craving // Wardrobes

New wardrobes is all I can think about these days. I’m planning to turn my spare bedroom/home office into a closet/home office. It’s not like I have tons of guests sleep over all the time anyway, right? And my sofa in the living room is a pullout, and a lot more comfortable than the bed anyway.

So there, done with the justification.

Now I just need the money to buy the wardrobes – plus delivery and installation. I normally assemble furniture from Ikea myself, but from experience I know the wardrobes will be too heavy to erect and move on my own, so I better invest in some help so I don’t injure myself – or my flat.

I’ve already planned out what I need on ikea.no. Actually, I’ve done this several times and keep changing my mind about how much space I need for hanging dresses/skirts/tops and whether I want the new chest of drawers or not. These are some of the most important decisions of my live, you know, so I need to ensure that I think everything through!

One thing I know for sure, is that I need at least a couple of open shelves for shoes. I’m sooo tired of searching for the right pair in the Pisa towers of shoe boxes!

And some nice pullout drawers for my gym clothes and my tops.

And a trouser hanger.

And some space for my handbags.

And what about my jewelry?…

Decisions, decisions, decisions…