How to // Shirtdress and stripes

The shirtdress is one of my favourite garments. So easy to pull on and so comfortable to wear. It fits all shapes and sizes – you’ll just select different lengths and accessories that fit your shape, like jewelry, belts and tights!

Since my dress is quite short, I decided to go for stripy legs today. I know, they remind you of a bumble bee. But bees are cute, right? Admittedly, my mum was quite surprised when she saw them and referred to them as “pretty wild”. Then she tried to make up for it (or row herself out of it, as we’d say in Norwegian) and said she guessed they were fun. Those mothers, ha?!?

If you are shorter, you might want to avoid horisontal stripes and go for tights in charcoal or another dark colour, which will make your legs appear longer.

Unless you are really curvy and your shirtdress is tailored (and even then), you’d want to wear a belt with your dress to create an hourglass shape. I went for a fun Sonia Rykiel belt with a lips clasp, matched with a brown heartshaped necklace from Lola Rosa. At work I wore this with black platforms, but since I didn’t bring those shoes home, I put on my espadrille wedges for the photo.

To bring the animal theme totally over the top, I added my giraffe print raincoat. This coat reminds me of wearing one of those plastic wipe-off table cloths. Not that I have ever worn a table cloth – I’m not that avantgarde! – but the feeling must be the same: Sweaty back within ten minutes!

Oh, I should probably say something about my new photo location. I keep moving around my flat, trying to find the spot that will give me the best lighting. Now I’ve moved about 1,5 meters to the right in my kitchen. Not exactly a leap for mankind, but it brings me closer to the windows. However, despite the lovely view you now get of my pride and joy – my orchids – this space is clearly not it. That lampshade had a thing for my head! Maybe someone could just set me up with a decent photographer?!?