How to // Use colours to lengthen your legs

I’m on a roll here with wearing colours, so I thought why stop?

This grey skirt from H&M is one of the most comfortable things there is – and it’s the perfect length for us tall girls. Not too short so we can’t sit down, while still short enough to show some leg. It’s also ultra strechy all over, so you can let your hair loose in it. H&M also does a dress in the same fabric, still in stock.

To keep the outfit elegant rather than bright, I used three different greytones on the bottom part of my body and pink and purple up top. The different greys create one long line and elongate my legs – and the heels help too! – while wearing black shoes or tights would have made my legs seem shorter by breaking them up.

The purple jacket is also from H&M – not the greatest quality and about as stretchy as key, but it will get me through the season. The top is Marc Cain Sport, but H&M has a great selection of vest tops, too. Finally, the shoes are a souvenir from Le Havre, which I visited on my cruise back in June. Everything was closed – shops. restaurants, you name it, but trust me to find the one and only shoe store in town that was open. And actually buy something! No wonder people call me Carrie… The shoes are by a brand called Maripé, of which I know nothing, but I love them!

After deciding what to wear, I decided to play around with other colours with the skirt. Here’s a party take on the skirt with pink tights, the same shoes and a black sequined top (Oasis), to give som sparkle. Remember the four elements of an outfit when deciding what to wear: Colour, texture, shine and pattern!
  • Thanks, Kel! I think the colour is just beautiful! The good thing is that they’re quite comfortable as well, which is not always the case with the shoes I like…

  • Kel

    Those shoes are divine!!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    totally seeing red