Mulberry love

In a previous post I mentioned that I have purchased a new Mulberry bag, and here it is in all its glory!

It is quite frisky with its leopard print, but I really like that the print is subtle and low-key. Bright animal prints tend to look a bit cheap, me thinks. The bag is quite room and I’ve already made the mistake of filling it up with everything but the kitchen sink – I could barely lift it when I was in Oslo last week, filled with my computer, papers, makeup and 45 other “necessities”.

I bought the bag in the dutyfree in Oslo airport. When comparing the price with the Mulberry shop in Oslo, I had saved 500+ kroners. I also have my eye on the matching toilet bag, as my current freebee from Clinique is falling apart after 10+ years of frequent use. Unfortunately, I’ll only save about 200,- by buying this in the airport store… Still, money saved is money earned! My dad would totally disagree.