Summer on the balcony

Two summers ago my dad, mum and I built the decking, table and flower bed on my balcony, and every summer I get to appreciate the fruit of our labour!
My dad and I drew and planned the construction, and went to the timber shop and got all the materials. It was a hard job getting all the boards up to my fourth floor flat, but once it was finished it was worth every drop of sweat!
My plan is to paint the deck this summer – if it will only stop raining for three days! – to try and keep the maintenance at a miminum. We had so much rain this winter that is has taken me hours to get all the green goo off the boards! Several plants didn’t survive the cold weather, like my rose bush (totally dead) and two lavender plants that so far only have grown a few green leaves, even though we are halfway through the “summer”.
I am so grateful to my parents for helping me out with the balcony. Thanks with all my heart!
Btw, my ex boyfriend nicknamed my dad McGyver, as he can fix and build anything with a piece of string and a screwdriver!
In my flower bed is a mix of flowers and herbs. While cooking, I frequently pop out to cut off some herbs to put in the dish. I just love being able to do that! Back in May my neighbour kindly gave me a small tomato plant that she had grown herself from seeds. I have been taking really good care of the plant these past few months, and my TLC has paid off: My tomato crop is currently a total of ten green cherry tomatoes. I can’t wait for them to ripen!