The wrap dress

A woman’s best friend is the wrap dress! It works for all shapes and sizes. Even better, you can loose or gain a couple of kilos and the dress still fits – you just tie it slightly tighter/looser!

The queen of the wrap dress is Diane von Furstenburg, who has the most desirable collection of wrap dresses a girl could ask for. Here’s a cute one from her last collection:

I’ll talk more about DvF some other day – today I want to talk about another great designer, the grand dame (quite literally, she is a Dame) of deconstruction and unbelievable shape, Vivienne Westwood:

Borrowed from top-people.starmedia.com

Famous for her pirate inspired clothes, Westwood cuts her clothes amazingly. EVERYBODY gets a great figure in her corset tops and dresses, nipped in jackets and cowl-neck dresses and tops. She also has the most incredible pirate boots, that I am dying to get my hands on:

 Borrowed from givemeabow.blogspot.com

But I digress. What I want to talk about are Westwood’s dresses. Today I’m wearing a dress from her label Anglomania, a sales scoop from my-wardrobe.com last year (I’m quite the bargain girl – I often succeed at buying things I’ve been lusting after for an entire season at half off in the sales. Quite fortunate that I’m lucky in this ONE area of my life, since I’ve got NO luck what so ever in love or gambling…):

This dress is pure genious, cut like a big square piece of fabric with armholes and buttons at the neckline to create the draping (by attaching the corners of the square).

The miracle of a wrap dress is that it gives you a natural hourglass shape, since you’ll be tying it closely around your waist to close it up. This gives focus on your hips and chest, which is very flattering and feminine. Also, most wrap dresses have a v-neck, giving you a great cleavage. The split will also give your legs a lot of attention, maybe showing a glimpse of thigh as you are walking or sitting down.

With the draped neckline, my Westwood dress is creating volume at the top, which makes my hips seem slimmer. To me, this is always a great bonus!

I wore my dress with black tights, leopard print shoes (Russell & Bromley), black leather jacket from Bzr by Bruuns Bazar and Mulberry leopard print bag:

So go out there and find the perfect wrap dress to give you shape and elegance! I can recommend DvF’s soft silk/wool/cotton jersey wrap dresses, which you’ll find in boutiques in the larger cities in Norway, and online in higher-end stores.

Also, British catalogue company Boden  (US website: bodenusa.com) normally has a few nice wrap dresses in their collection, launching new patterns every season. Check out this one, that comes in five different colours and also in longer length.

Boden is actually a favourite of mine, as most of their skirts, dresses and trousers come in Long, and they fit really well! Also, their shoes often go up to size 42. Their bikinis are also brillliant – you can choose from several different bottoms and tops in the same fabric. You will normally be able to find some great bargains in their sales. Just remember that if you shop internationally, customs is added to your bill. And they don’t offer free return like net-a-porter.com and my-wardrobe.com. Ouch.

PS (ie Photography, the Sequel): Sorry about the darkness of the photographs. I’ve been trying out a new lense and needless to say, it isn’t working. Will do more tests tonight with another spot and another camera and/or lense. Neverending stoooooryyyyy, dadada, dadada, dadada… I did a do-over, as the Americans say, and shot new photographs in the bedroom with a different lens and a flash. It’ll have to do until I persuade someone to be my personal photographer!