My happiness project

I might be two months late in announcing my new year’s resolution, considering it is February already, but who cares, right? Heck, let’s go big and call it my new life’s resolution!
I am going to strive to live a happier and more fulfilled life.
While 2013 was rather a low point in my life, I’m a far more positive about the future. I’m going to be making a lot of changes in my life, and the first one is to get this blog off the ground again. Though I might not post that frequently in the beginning, I promise I have some great plans for the future.
Let’s face it: Talking, reading and writing about fashion makes me really, really happy. I get even more excited when I talk about personal style and how clothes can reflect a person’s amazing personality.
So for 2014, I will write about fashion and style, with a particular focus on tall women, as I am 6 feet tall myself. I will also add some posts about DIY, as I’ve come to realize I need some DIY in my life to get my creative juices going. Other topics will be travel, a yummy recipe or two, and possibly a few words about my favourite beauty products.
So stay tuned, for the show is about to hit the road! Though at a slow speed, just fast enough for me to get my mojo back.
PS: The happiness project also happens to be the title of a motivating self-help kind of book – and accompanying webpage – by Gretchen Rubin. She spent an entire year trying to crack the code on how to be happier. I found it an amusing and thought provoking read, with some great tips on how to do more of the things you love.