Colourful Easter eggs

Hooked by the craft bug, I have spent a few days decorating Easter eggs for myself and my friends. Be inspired to make your own colourful eggs and decorate with what you find in your local craft store!
Styrofoam or cotton wool eggs
Paint in 4-5 happy colours
Paint brush
Bamboo skewers to hold the eggs while painting
Clear glue tube with a fine spout
Narrow lace ribbon in various colours (about 1 cm wide)
Narrow silk ribbon in various colours (about 3 mm wide)
Narrow silk ribbon in various colours (about 5 mm wide)
Short feathers
Start by painting the eggs. Use the skewer to hold the egg to avoid getting paint on your fingers.
Let the eggs dry over night.
Now comes the fun part of decorating!
You need a layer of the wider silk ribbon or the lace at the bottom, then add the thin silk ribbon on top. The wider silk ribbon is used for hanging the egg.
You choose whether the trim runs around the length or the width of the egg. If you go around the width of the egg, you can add several rows of trim. In the photo above I have cut the trim, ready to glue it on to the eggs.
Make sure to use a glue tube with a thin spout, as you only want glue underneath the trim and not spilt all over the egg. I used disposable plastic gloves for this part, as I hate getting glue on my fingers, which then makes everything (in particular the feathers!) stick to my hands. Simply change out the gloves when they get sticky.
If you want to place the eggs in a bowl, glue the trim over the hole in the egg and glue the feather under the trim somewhere on the longer side. If you want to hang you eggs, add some glue in the hole, use the skewer to push a loop of ribbon into the hole for hanging. Then stick a feather in the same hole.

Here is a closeup of eggs with hanging loops:


And here is inspiration for “loop-free” eggs:
Be creative with where you hang your eggs. Below I have used an orchid and birch branches, respectively:


If you are giving away the eggs as a gift, place the eggs in a used egg carton (careful so you don’t break the feathers!) and tie a bow with yellow ribbon. Decorate with a feather:

Next DIY coming up is how to make pretty Easter cards.
PS: Do you have any great Easter craft ideas to share? Please comment below, with a link to your blog post.

I’ve added several more photographs of the eggs, hopefully making it easier for you to replicate them on your own.