Grilled mushrooms & poached eggs

If, like me, you love both mushrooms and poached eggs, this is going to become one of your favourite lunch recipes!

The recipe is adapted from one I found in Sopie Dahl’s first cook book, Voluptuous delights. This book was a great investment for me, as at lot of its recipes have become regulars in my kitchen. That is, before I became paleo. Now, it’s hard to justify eating a moist and yummy banana bread or delicious tofu scramble without feeling guilty of causing myself future discomfort. Luckily, I have a cheat day every week…

This mushroom recipe can be made both with or without feta cheese, which makes it suitable for both “regular people” and us cavemen. Enjoy!

2-3 mushrooms per person, depending on size and hunger
As many eggs as mushrooms
Cider vinegar
Olive oil
Salt + pepper
Optional: Feta cheese

Put on a pot of water with a large dash of cider vinegar. This will help the egg white settle sooner.

Switch on your grill. Break the stems off the mushrooms and place the caps on a baking sheet. Drizzle generously with olive oil.


Grill until the mushrooms are well done. If you are adding cheese, place a slice of feta on each mushroom when the mushrooms are almost cooked, and cook further until the mushrooms are slightly melted.


Make the poached eggs and take care not to cook for too long, if you like the yolk runny (like me).


Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper, place an egg on each mushrooms and season further.


Eat with great gusto and wipe up the egg yolk with a piece of toast, if you have access to such delights!

Sophie suggests making this with portobello mushrooms, but they are hard to come by in my neighbourhood, so I just use large regular mushrooms. The latter will need a bit longer under the grill, though, as they tend to be fatter. Also, if you have truffel oil in your pantry, a drop or two on each mushroom before they go under the grill add more flavour.