Happy thoughts

{1} New knitting project
When going through all the old stuff in my storage room, trying to downsize, I found lots of really nice knitting yarn. Nothing beats the excitement of starting a new project and watching it take shape! Check back in a couple of weeks to see my finished stripey sweater.

{2} The puppy has grown up
When visiting my mum this week, I thought back on how little her dog Nelly was when she first got her. Nelly was the most adorable, soft and cuddly puppy you can think of! She’s now two years old, quite active but also the biggest softie ever – she loves to cuddle and licks you all over, if permitted. I get all soft and mushy inside when she’s curled up on my lap! Here she is about six months old.

{3} Breathtaking scenery
I’m lucky to live in western Norway (when the weather is nice) – the scenery here is just breathtaking, with tall, steep mountains; long, winding fjords and lots of greenery! This is the view from my friend’s balcony in Jondal. Quite amazing, right?