Happy thoughts

Throughout 2014, I will strive to do things that make me happy, after neglecting this for the last few years of my life. Here are three things that have cheered me up in the last week. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to do more things for yourself that make you a happier person!
{1} Fresh flowers
Since January, I have always got at least one bouquet of fresh flowers on display in my flat. Their bright colours and prettiness just make the whole flat feel more cosy and warm – and that makes me happy!
{2} Sharing a meal with old friends
Last year I started a food club called Persilledusken (The parsley sprig in Norwegian) to combine my two loves of trying out new recipes and sharing a good meal with close friends. A really nice catch-up-on-the-last-five-years dinner with old colleagues earlier this week has made me consider reviving Persilledusken again. There’s not enough food and friends in my life!

Vernazza, one of the Cinque Terre, Italy
{3} Italian
I love everything Italian, in particular the language. It just sounds so passionate and romantic! For the last few weeks I have been learing Italian on the superb language site Duolingo. This free (!) online course sure beats the socks off the tedious and time-consuming classroom courses I’ve previously (not) attended. My goal is to be able to make myself understood in Italian in time for my friend Å and I’s three-week holiday in the Milan/Lake Garda region next summer!