Style crush // Elisa Nalin

Lavender & red

Photo credit: notorious-mag.com

My ultimate style crush is the Italian stylist Elisa Nalin. You might recognise her as a friend of Garancè Dore, often featured on her amazing blog. Here is a charming interview in which Elisa tells Garance how she became a stylist and what her job entails.

Elisa is from Italy, but lives in Paris. The Selby showed her flat years ago, while Backside Bill paid a more recent visit to her current Paris abode – she decorates as creatively as she dresses.

What I love about Elisa is how colourfully and creatively she dresses. She isn’t a slave to current trends, but buys a few new pieces each season and mixes these with her existing wardrobe in unexpected and fun ways. Also, coming from a country in which most people dress relatively conservatively in greys and blacks, its liberating to see all the patterns and colours she puts together! She is a true master with colours and pairs the most unusual combinations, that you’d never think would work, like red and lavender in the photograph above. The results are always amazing.

She’s actually quite tall – like me – but she never looks gangly or uncomfortable with her height. Her height doesn’t keep her from wearing high heels or any type of skirt or trousers – she seems truly comfortable with her body and her unique style. Another bonus is that she’s always smiling – she just looks so chich, colourful and happy that I want her to be my best fashion friend. And let’s not forget her chic and short hair cut!

I’ve collected a wide selection of her amazing outfits on my Style crush // Elisa Nalin Pinterest board. The photos are sure to make you reach for the most colourful garments in your wardrobe!

Inspired by her colourful outfit above, I put my new handknitted sweater to good use (see how I made it here) and made my own colourful outfit:

Selfmade lavender sweater (see post here) // Unknown brand necklace (similar)
Samsøe and Samsøe white vest // Armani watch (I’m dreaming of this)
Zara orange jeans (similar) // Unknown brand striped bangle
Mulberry purple handbag // Topshop floral wedges
I decided to pair my lavender sweater with a pair of orange jeans, to make the colours pop. To keep warm, I layered with a white tank (this vest is sooo soft, it’s huggable! It also fits my long torso). I played up the lavender with a purple handbag and the orange jeans by using the same hue in the bangle, necklace and sandals.
All in all, a very comfortable outfit that’s using several of Elisa’s style ingredients: A pattern (shoes), a bright colour (orange) paired with other unexpected coulours (lavender, purple) and accessories that add to the overall look without overpowering it!
I’ll show you more Elisa-inspired outfits with this sweater tomorrow!