The beach in Tyssøy, Bergen

We’ve had true summer weather in Bergen for the past two weeks – and it’s going to continue! In Western Norway, we are not spoilt for nice weather – last summer we had all of SEVEN days of warm and sunny summer weather, of which I spent six days cleaning the windows + cleaning and painting my balcony. I was exhausted when the sunny spell was over…

I can’t remember an April being as nice as this, and I’ve truly enjoyed the sunshine, absorbing it like water to replenish my low energy levels. Yesterday, my friend Å and I first took a walk in the Canada forest by my house, before we jumped in the car and drove to the beach in Tyssøy. We enjoyed a picnic on the grass, listening to the birds chirping and the kids playing in the water. In wetsuits. It was amazing doing this in April, long before our constitution day of May 17th, when the weather normally turns for the better.

The winding path leading down to the beach.
A child playing in the cold water.
These kids are dresses for the occassion – in wetsuits!
Still wearing my workout clothes from the walk in the forest.
We saw blue anemonies, which are really rare around here.
The plants are about one month ahead of their normal schedule, including these ferns.
Can you image owning the cottage – and the island – in the middle of this photo?!? A dream come true…