Denim with a French twist

Wearing this denim overall makes me feel twenty again – which is always a good thing! We should all dress to make the most out of our stronger features, and for us tall girls this is often our legs. I never hesitate to get mine out and wear shorts and skirt all the time in the summer – and with tights in the winter. I don’t have a favourite pair of shorts – they can be of all materials, lengths and shapes. Today I happened to go for this very casual and youthful denim pair, but I often wear a smart black (leather) pair to look more classic, or a floral shorter version to be more girly.

Since I want to cover my “lovely” cellulite (love your body, right?), I wear medium and longer length shorts that comfortably cover this. While my shorts are more typically worn on holiday in warmer destinations, I love being able to pull them out in the summery weather we are experiencing here in Bergen at the moment.

I went for a French twist today, inspired by this post on stripes and bright lipstick on the blog Jennypurr. And since I had a really bad hair day, the hat was a brilliant solution, that also made me look like a cool cat. I happened to stumble upon these sandals in TopShop in Copenhagen last summer after seeing them on a passers-by, assuming they were Marni or another expensive brand. When visiting TopShop’s shoe department, I realised that most of their shoes come in size 42. Also being at a reasonable price point, that’s something for us tall girls to think about when we find ourselves in the proximity of a TopShop. I was so excited when I realised that they came in a 42 that I immediately bought them, but size 41 would have fit me better, me thinks…

I’m currently working on a special post on the shorts trend for spring/summer 2014, so watch this space!

But first I’m going to go and work on my tan! And paint some doors and door frames for the open house. Preferrably, both at the same time. I wonder if I can get those doors off the door frame and outside… But then again, one shouldn’t paint in direct sunlight. First sun, then paint, that’s it!

HM Logg denim shorts (similar) // Lindex white striped t-shirt
Dyrberg/Kern gold necklace // MariaFrancescaPepe gold earrings (in silver)
Longchamp mauve leather handbag (in green)
TopShop black sandals // Kathrine Uri blue/white silk scarf
Michael Kors gold watch // Mulberry leather/gold bracelet (similar)
RayBan gold aviator sunglasses (these come w/3 different lenses!)
HM straw hat (similar)
  • I love hats but don’t actually own any. I really only want to wear big ones like they do at the Kentucky Derby. I have never even been to a horse race though. 🙂 I need to find a good floppy hat for the beach.

    • It is just your luck then that big floppy hats are in fashion right now!

      – Anett

  • Thanks, Shannon! I’m going through a hat phase now, as well. Do you like wearing hats?

  • That hat suits you very well!