Quinoa salad & roasted chicken

I absolutely love quinoa. Since I came across this quinoa salad recipe on Glitter Guide over a year ago, it has been one of my go-to salads. I keep it interesting by changing up what I put in it.

I especially love the salad as an accompaniment to grilled chicken, as the many flavours go really nicely together – the quinoa and almonds are nutty, the cheese mild, the lemon citrusy and the fruits sweets. Add a handful of rocket, and you have the perfect flavour combination!


Here are the changes that I usually make to Gillet Guide’s recipe

Pear – I normally use a Granny Smith apple instead, as I rarely buy pears
Dried cherries – I use sultanas, as I’ve never seen a dry cherry in my life
Chevre cheese – I use feta, as I love the taste of this next to the quinoa and the rocket

Maple syrup – something I never have in the house, so I use a runny honey
Orange zest and orange juice – I substitute these with two tablespoons of lemon juice (lazy…)

Spring onion or red onion chopped finely, as everything tastes better with a bit of onion

There are several types of quinoa to choose from. I normally have the mixed colour (left) and the white (right) in the house, and prefer the more nutty flavour of the mixed kind for this salad.
While the quinoa is cooking, bake the chicken in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper.
To cool down the quinoa once it’s cooked, transer it to a serving dish and mix in the sultanas. Leave to cool down for about 15 minutes. This gives the sultanas time to absorb some moisture and soften up.
Once the quinoa has cooled down, add all the remaining ingredients, adding rocket and feta last, as these are the most fragile. Mix carefully.
Pour over the yummy citrus dressing, and the salad is ready to be eaten. Vel bekomme!