Spraypainted gold antlers

When I saw these cool antlers at Panduro, I knew they were destined for my wall! Here’s how to make them – or any other spray painted animals, for that matter. It’s basically no effort at all!

Papier mache deer head
Gold spray paint
Old newspaper
Optional: Plastic gloves
Hook for hanging

I covered my balcony with newspaper pages, held down in the breeze by empty glass jars. Then, wearing gloves so as not to get paint on my hands, I sprayed the head with two coats of spray paint. Though I thought the first layer had covered well, dry spots became apparent when the paint dried, so I recommend two coats for a perfect result. Let the head dry for a couple of hours between each coat.

Attach an adhesive hook to the back of the antlers.

Hang up and enjoy the great result! I’ve hung my deer head on the wall in my hallway, so it will be peaking over at you in all my future outfit shots.