A tour of my flat

Since I’m a hound for interior posts myself, I thought I’d share with you all the photos of my flat, taken by a professional photographer for the prospect for my flat.

Prior to the photographer arriving, I emptied my flat of all my clutter and half of the furniture. Only the basics were left, the rest was sent into storage until time comes to move into a new flat.

I’m from a family of hoarders who like to have everything we need in everyday life within reach – plus 3-4 different options – so there was a lot of things to pack away. The biggest change was in my guest room, which acted as my walk-in closet, with a whole wall of Ikea wardrobes plus two Billy book cases for shoes, in addition to the built-in wardrobes that were already there. Now, I only had room for the shoe shelves – some of the content from the Ikea wardrobes was placed on a rolling rack that I can move around, while the rest was put into storage.

Though hard at first, it’s probably going to be really valuable for me to live with less things for a while. I can’t say that I like the ecco that is in every room of the flat bar the bathroom and toilet, but having less things sitting around sure makes it easier to clean the floors. It will take a while to get used to not finding things, though, and in particular my clothes! This morning I was searching for my MaxMara sandals, only to realise – after a 10 minute hunt through all the shelves and closets – that they must be in storage. You know you are more than averagely keen on fashion when you miss your clothes more than anything else that you put in storage! Just call me Carrie.

Let’s take you on a tour through my flat:

This is the view as you come through the front door. Travel and carft books and photo albums are in the shelf on the right
To the right is my bathroom, which I never got around to doing up. I’ve kept everything but the towels white, to make the room appear as large as possible
My bedroom is the first door on the left as you enter the flat. Great light from all the windows! Furniture from Ikea
Lavender, my favourite colour, on the back wall. Drawings from art school 15+ years ago. Belts hung on a peg rail behind the door
The guest room, previously my closet. I added a guest bed for the photos/open house. A great and unused desk from Ikea, which is going to be sold, along with the single bed
The hallway is an L-shape towards the kitchen. Oak hardwood floors throughout the hallway, kitchen and livingroom
The kitchen, which is really light and airy. White cabinets and stainless steel appliances from Ikea. Laundry/pantry behind the door in the back – very practical!
Table for two, borrowed from a friend for the photos/open house. I normally keep an antique sideboard here, which is now in the livingroom. Mum’s crocheted curtains!
My livingroom, light and bright with high ceilings, which have since had a fresh coat of paint. I eat all my meals and write my blog on the dining table in the front
My old and trusted Ikea sofa bed and two of my four book shelves – the other two are in storage, along with the books. Sliding doors to the balcony at the far end.
My sunny balcony (weather permitting), which you can catch a closer look at in this post

And here are some photos from when I was painting my livingroom ceiling and top of the walls, prior to the open house:

My hoarding family and McGyver dad had saved two big cartons of seventies bedding in mum’s attic, which came in handy to cover the walls, windows and floor – and lamp! I first painted this part of the livingroom…
…then the balcony side, moving the wall sheets over. I tacked them to the board I have running across the room with push pins. I should really just have brought out the booze at this point, as the psychedelic colours and level of exhaustion made me want to party like there was no tomorrow!
And after nine hours of painting it felt like there was no tomorrow! Zoom in on the photo and see all the paint on my face. Just minutes after I took this photo, I got a big blob in my right eye. It took a LOT of Bioderma to get that out of my eyelashes…

Photographs of flat by Monica Telle, Inviso