Big, HUGE news! Aka Dream step two complete

I’ve bought a flat in Oslo! I feel so fortunate to have found a decent sized flat that can take all my books and clothes, on the top floor with a balcony facing the evening sun, only 10 minutes from the city centre by bus!
This was the 13th flat I looked at over a total of four days, so I’ve been a girl on a mission! Previously, I had decided not to look at this particular flat, as in the photos it looked like it was next to a really busy road, plus the kitchen and living room were not next door to each other, which I wanted for entertaining. However, the estate agent was keen to show it to me and I decided I had nothing to loose, remembering that Kirsty Allsop (of the great UK property shows with cute Spencer) always yells at people who judge a flat by the online photos only. I always do what lovely Kirsty scares tells anyone to do.
So early on Tuesday I headed out for a private viewing – and even before I got on the bus, I was pooed on by a bird. I just laughed with relief, thinking that this was my lucky day! You all remember the bird poo in the house buying scene in the film Under the Tuscan sun, don’t you? If not, log on to Netflix and view it stat! It’s the perfect film if you’ve had your ups and downs and dream of a life in Italy. In Italy (and the US), being pooed on by a bird is considered to bring good luck, and the old lady promptly sells the main character the house at the price she can afford, for her to build a wonderful life in Tuscany. So I was really happy about my poo, hoping that it would bring lots of good luck to my day of house hunting. AND IT DID!
The road next to the flat isn’t that busy, the flat is larger than I thought and has a really, really good layout, and there is plenty of wardrobes and kitchen cupboards and room for more of both. I’ve even got a fireplace, and I promptly was labelled #singlewithfireplace on Instagram by my creative friend (follow me on #tallgirlsfashion)! Hopefully, that will bring me some luck of a different kind… 
I need to do some painting, polishing and changing of light fixtures before I move in, but I will give you are tour once I’m in place, as well as a few before-after stories.
“I’m soooo excited, that I just caaan’t hide it. I’m about to loose control and I thiiink I like it!” That’s just about sums up how I feel these days. Just very, very happy.