Happy thoughts

{1} My grandfather’s mug
When I went through my boxes in the storage room the other week, I came across this mug that my grandfather (bestefar) proudly gave to me a couple of years before he passed away. Bestefar served in the parachute company of the Norwegian Air Force and was initially trained in Manchester, then in Kirkcaldy in Scotland, and this mug is in memory of his services there. It has now become my favourite mug, as I think of bestefar whenever I drink from it – and the beverage of choice is often Pukka’s Peppermint and licorice tea. Yummy!

The morning after the most amazing night of my life:
Sleeping under the stars with the sounds of wild animals in the distance!
{2} Travel
I love to travel. It doesn’t have to be far – as long as I get to experience something new and meet new people, I’m happy! Oh, and preferrably eat some delicious food while I’m at it.

My goal is to see the world before I die and I’m well on my way there (seeing the world, not dieing). Once, I started making a list of all the places that I wanted to see, but I soon realised that the more I travel, the more places I want to visit. And revisit. So I gave up on that concept.

Now I’m just open to any kind of travel experiences that come my way, be it for work, where I can add on an extra few days to explore a city, or a great holiday offer in my inbox. Rather than taking a really long holiday in the summer, I prefer to cut it into shorter segments, so I can take some long weekends and week-long trips spaced out throughout the year.

When away, I take lots of photographs of everything I’m experiencing. I’m currently editing my way through the pictures from my trip to Antibes earlier this year and it is like reliving the enitre holiday: I can taste the wine in my mouth and the sun on my skin! My need for a holiday is almost satisfied just by looking at the photographs.

But not quite… 
The beautiful port of Portofino

{3} So, Italy, here I come!
Though I had decided not to take a holiday this year, as there are so many exciting changes going on in my life at the moment, my resistance buckled when I received an amazing offer on a trip to Italy. And it’s not just to any part of Italy – it’s to Liguria, home of Cinque Terre, Portofino and Genova.

I’ll be staying close to Portofino – I’ve been planning to go back to this area, having visited the charming city last year when I explored Cinque Terre. Located on the Italian Riviera, the area is about sun, beaches, great food and outdoor sports. I plan to take lots of hikes, followed by long dips in the Mediterranen and delicious seafood and white wine. I’m counting the days until take-off!