Happy thoughts

{1} Old letters
When clearing out drawers for my upcoming move, I came across a box of letters that I’ve collected over the years. The oldest were from my early twenties, when I moved to the US to work for Dale of Norway, and they took me through the years to my subsequent moves to Norway, Scotland and back to Norway. Reading each of the letters from various family members and friends, made me feel both happy and loved. Though I’ve since lost touch with some of my friends, the memory of how close we were at that certain time in my life, and to relive all the shenaigans we got up to, wass really heart-warming.

Reading the letters also made me realise that some of my closest friends have been with me for a really long time and through quite a few ups and downs (read: Boyfriends and homesickness) – and we’ve always done our best to cheer each other up and cheer each other on, to make the other person believe in themselves, to make the other person happy again. So here’s a big cheers to my friends and relatives – Thank you for being you and being there for me!

{2} Cat vs dog people
I had a chuckle when I read this comparison of dog and cat lovers. I’m a dog lover myself – and so is the rest of my family – and I think we come out quite well in this comparison! Do you recognise yourself in any of characteristics?


{3} Starting a new book
For many years I had forgotten how wonderful it is to pick up a new book: You start reading the first few pages and quietly anticipate what the story hidden inside is going to bring you of joy and sadness, complications and epiphanies – you completely escape into another world for while, a world in which anything might happen and you are hardly ever able to guess the outcome. Now that I’m reading books for pleasure again, I love to escape into the magical world of the author, whether it be a novel, poetry or a business book. Whenever I come across a book that I love, I promise to share it with you here on my blog, like the books here and here. We’re obliged to share our happy and magical worlds with our friends, aren’t we?!?

PS: I’m currently reading the autobiography The glass castle by Jeannette Walls, and that’s definitely going to be recommended for you to read, probably next week sometime.