Playing shop in leopard DVF

The last few days I’ve been busy organising a moving sale to sell off some of the furniture, clothes and general bric-a-brac that I no longer need. It’s astonishing how many things I suddenly had in my storage room, without me even noticing the build-up. When moving on, I’ll be sure to handle these things right away (sell on Finn.no, donate or host a jumble sale) rather than hold on to them for four plus years… 

Yesterday was the first day of my sale and though I would have like to see more people, the number of items sold wasn’t too bad. I used my now empty living room as my shop and the remaning furniture were used for display. Here are a few pictures of “Anett’s boutique”:

The cubby holes in the book shelves were perfect for displaying sweaters and bags! After about two hours of hard work and thinking like McGyver, I managed to move my desk into the living room (the glas top weighs a ton!). I used this to display various bric-a-brac. Even the TV was moved out of the way, so I could use its stand to display books and baskets, while shoes were covering my sofa.

I bought a tag gun to price the clothes, justifying the cost by planning to host similar sales in the future. Most of the clothes were hung on a rolling rack, which normally belongs in my storage room, keeping my coats wrinkle free when they are out of seaon. All the price tags were cut from white cardboard. The furniture was priced by attaching the price tag with a clothes pin. I kept all the pins red, the colour of sales.

It was actually quite fun to organise and run the sale! I’ve work in various shops while going to high school and gymnasium, and I even worked a year in the Norwegian shop at Walt Disney World EPCOT Centre, so I have lots of experience. I like talking to people – and to make some money off them! As for my shop girl outfit, I headed straight for the trusted DVF wrap dress:
 DVF leopard print dress (in pretty summer print)
Pretty Ballerinas black ballerinas (these are in reptile print!)
Snø of Sweden gold/brown earrings (these are pretty)
Unknown brand gold/black necklace
Armani silver watch

And to those of you who didn’t make the sale on Sunday, there are still plenty of things left, including many Dale of Norway sweaters, both with and without Windstopper!

  • It would be so nice just to jet off for a weekend of shopping. In my dreams I suppose. Although I really need to adopt the one thing in, one thing out philosophy.

    • Hi Shannon! If I were to jet off for shopping, which I’ve never done in my life, I’d go to Paris or London, not Oslo. Much prettier/cooler and better value for your money!

      – Anett

  • I wish I could have come to your sale!

    • Haha, I might soon have a new sale here in Oslo, but it’s still far for you to travel! 😉