Pretty cardboard boxes

I clearly remember the first time I receive a package from Net-a-Porter. It was like Christmas, opening the brown cardboard box to reveal the most elegant black box with black ribbons tied in a bow. Inside, the clothes were wrapped beautifully in black tissue paper and even more ribbon. I didn’t even know tissue paper came in black!

Wind forward to the first time I received an order from Matches a few years ago. Inside this brown cardboard box I found the pretties watercolour-printed box that flipped open on the side, with magnets(!) holding the flap in place! Again, I was breathless.

Then move to present time, when Søstrene Grene opened a shop in my local shopping centre, Oasen. Søstrene Grene is a Danish chain of stores that specialises in cheap craft, food and interior decor products that they source throughout the world. Their products are so pretty and their prices provide real value for the money! They get in new merchandise all the time, and while they don’t carry a large permanent collection, they continuously get my favourite products in new colours and patterns.

I clearly have a major thing for boxes! More than once, they have saved me from organisational disaster by providing necessary storage for some of my many bits and bobs. Just this week, I was tired of going through three boring grey boxes to find the right pair of sunglasses:

Now my whole sunglass collection sits in this pretty blue box from Søstrene Grene, which also looks so much nicer on my (over-filled) dresser:

The green box on top is also from Søstrene Grene, holding my sparkly necklaces.

In my book shelf, this stack of boxes keeps my embossing paraphernalia under control. The two top boxes are from Søstrene Grene, the bottom one from Matches (with the fancy magnetic flap!):

How do you keep your craft products and other little bits organised? See more of my flat here.