The dressmaker and Tout sweet!

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For the last few days I’ve been reading the book The dressmaker by Elizabeth Birkelund (is she of Norwegian decent, perhaps?) Oberbeck. While it was lovely to read about fashion and be in the mind of a supposedly unbelievably clever designer, the book’s simple dialog and lack of depth didn’t quite live up to my expextations. I never truly believed in and rooted for the main character, and the descriptions of events and people just seemed too trivial and simple, in particular the dressmaker’s obsession with one of his clients. I believe the book would great as a light holiday read on the beach, however, when it tends to be difficult to concentrate and your brain isn’t quite up to its regular shenanigans!

You can read more about and buy the book here (US) and here (UK).


I don’t feel quite fulfilled ending this book post without giving you a recommendation for a book that I actually want you to read, so here we go:


A series of books that incorporates a fair bit of fashion, is Karen Wheeler’s autobiographical series about hanging up her heels and moving to France (her words!). She gives up her permanent position as a journalist with a major fashion magazine in London to move to France, take up freelance work – and live her dream.

The first book in the series is Tout sweet, followed by Tout soul and Tout allure. They tell the charming – and sometimes heart-breakingly sad – tale of her challenges and victories as she on holiday in France sees her dream house, buys it, leaves her job and tries to become a part of her local community in a small village in rural France. I hope you make it to book three, my favourite, which is one of the saddest books ever – I poured my eyes out as I was reading it!

Though this series also is a light read, I think it’s in a totally different league than The dressmaker; Wheeler is a really good story teller and is able to describe the people she meets and the places she visits in a captivating and believable way. If you, like me, love anything French and secretly dream of selling everything you own and move to Corsica/Antibes/Cinque Terre/Sardinia (yes, I have a hard time deciding where to move!), go and get these books!

You’ll find the first book in the series, Tout sweet!, here (US) and here (UK).

So now the big question is, have you read any fun/captivating/unforgettable/great books that have fashion as a main or sub plot? If yes, please let me – and my readers! – know which book tickled your fashion fancy – and why it tickled you! – in the comment section below!