Utalitarian jumpsuit and some bling


This is an ideal outfit on those days that you are just not feeling thirsty and have no need to use the bathroom… Practicalities aside, my good spirits yesterday morning made me decide to wear one of my two jumpsuits. These babies are not easy to wear when you are tall – they are always too short from the crotch up, so you either end up with a camel toe (in your regular size) or a really baggy midsection (when you size up). I’ve avoided the camel toe, but have some extra fabric around the middle, if anyone’s in demand!

To stay warm in the rain and add some dimension to the jumpsuit, I teamed it with a military-inspired vest and a cool belt. Indoors I wore ballet flats, outside in the pouring rain, more practical slipons.

Yesterday was a great day! The night before I had a really inspiring and productive conversation with on of my best friends (we use each other as sounding boards and cheer each other on, having both worked in sales and marketing our entire careers) and ended up working on my blog into the wee hours of the night. Yesterday morning, I was ecstatic when I saw how many of you wonderful readers visited my blog the day before! I love to blog and strive to do the best work that I can do, and find it really encouraging when I see that someone is actually reading my words. I could possibly be even happier – go absolutely ape, in the words of Audrey Hepburn in Paris when it sizzles – if someone ever left me a little comment (one word’s all I’m asking for!) about how I’m doing. Then I’d know my blog was read by actual people and not just evil cyber stalkers out to ruin my fun!

Though I wasn’t feeling 100 % ape yesterday (but close!), my good moods led me to experiment with a crazy green eyeshadow I received free with the last issue of Norwegian Elle. More of a classic makeup girl, I used the eyeshadow as a liner on my upper lid, just adding mascara. I’m surprised at how wearable it looks, especially with my new more edgy haircut. It’s a look I might just reserve for those special happy days, when I feel I can brave anything!

Do you have happy days when you feel you are invincible? Do tell me!

Culture printed jumpsuit (this looks comfy) // Chanel grey belt
Pretty Ballerina grey/black ballerinas // Givenchy black slipon shoes
HM military waistcoat // Accessorize sparkly bangle
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (black/gold here) // Oasis silver necklace
Earrings are souvenirs from Bali // Ring is souvenir from Boulder, CO

  • I have those days every so often and welcome more of them. I have enjoyed reading your blog, as a fellow Tall girl it’s helpful and inspiring to see what you are wearing (but I enjoy all aspects of the blog-as I am about as far away from a fashionista as one can be).

    • Thanks a lot for your kind comment — indeed comments — Shannon! It’s so exciting to get feedback on my work and actually get to know one of my readers. I’m feeling absolutely ape again!