Fringed and gingham with a touch of fuschia

When mum and I went into town last week (read about it here), I let mum do all the shopping, as with a dog she doesn’t get much opportunity to hit the shops. While I watched Nelly, I saw lots of things that I wanted to try on myself, so on Saturday, when mum had left, I hit the shops.
The skirt I’m wearing was the key item that I was going back for. I love the fringing, a big nod towards Isabel Marant’s style. Since the skirt sits at my natural waist, I paired it with a cropped top which is still long enough not to show any skin – being a bit wobbly around the middle, I prefer to keep my tummy covered, while still looking fashionable (see another outfit built around the same concept here).
While I’m working on getting my new flat in order, which involves resurfacing walls, painting and laying a new floor, the photos of my outfits will have an odd shape, as they are taken through a door way. I’m just really happy that my comfy bed is up – the rest will be sorted in time. I try not to rush things, but do a little work each day, so I can enjoy the process and not just the end result. It’s like Christmas whenever I open a new box and find something that I’ve missed for weeks. I seem to have a totally new wardrobe on my hands!
Mulberry fuschia handbag // Marc by Marc Jacobs black sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs silver/brown watch (grey/gold here)
Philosophy Blues Original black wedges