Happy thoughts

Nelly is checking out my paint job in the bedroom. She wasn’t allowed in, as she is currently shedding like a vintage fur!

{1} I live in Oslo!
I can’t believe that I actually live here now and have a postal address to prove it! Though only the bedroom and bathroom are in order yet, I can visualise what the remaining rooms are going to look like once they’ve been redecorated and I’m happy with what I see. I live only three minutes from the bus stop to/from town (which takes only 10 minutes to Oslo S) and a large grocery store, and 10 minutes from a large shopping centre with a great green grocer. I can’t wait to explore my new neighboorhood, especially the local gym and nature walks – and to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Oslo, here I come!


{2} The heatwave is over…
Yes, I never thought I’d say that it was too hot in Norway, but temperatures in the mid thirties for over a week, perfectly timed with the move of all my belongings up four flight of stairs, wasn’t ideal. Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about the gorgeous weather (I’m afraid I’ll jinx it and we’ll only have rain from now on…) – I’m just stating that temperatures in the mid twenties are very comfortable to move around in!


{3} Back on paleo
With packing up and down all my belongings, and flying back and forth between Bergen and Oslo for buying and selling flats, it just became too much hard work to keep up the paleo diet. Now that I’m more settled, I’m back on the rustic food regime and my body and blood sugar are very, very happy as result. I’ve also really missed my home made mayo and abundance of sweet potatoes… Yummy!