Italy, here I come!


When you read this, I’m already halfway on my journey from Oslo to Liguria, Italy. This is my first holiday in a very long time and I’m really excited, to say the least. I absolutely love Italy and dream of moving there permanently when I grow old(er). First, I have to learn the language, though, and Duolingo is helping me with that. I’ve promised my friend – and myself – that I will be able to speak a bit of Italian when we explore Milan, Verona and the lakes next summer. Please hold me to it.

The last couple of days in Oslo have been really cold and wet, so I’ve already used all the warmer clothes in my suitcase. But Italy looks good – 26+ degrees and mostly sunshine – and I’ve packed lots of clothes appropriate for that! For the next week, I’ll take you with me on my exploration of Santa Margherita Ligure and its surroundings. I promise you lots of sightseeing, hiking, swimming in the Med and eating of delicious seafood and gelato.

See you in Italy, signorinas!