Olimb & Co hairdressers, Oslo

Yesterday, I visited the hair salon Olimb and Co in Prinsens street 22, Oslo, for the first time. The salon was recommended to me by Henriette, my hairdresser at Visit Oasen in Bergen, whom I sadly had to leave behind when I moved to Oslo. She also recommended a particular hairdresser to me, but since she was currently on holiday and I was desperate for a hair cut, my hair hair was cut by lovely and cool Pernille:

Olimb and Co has two locations in Oslo – Grünerløkka and Prinsens street. I went to the latter, which is located on a street corner and thus hard to miss. Being located in an old apothecary, the interior of the shop is lovely – the walls are covered with glass shelves and little drawers, all made out of beautifully aged wood, just like in the old days. This setting is just perfect for the products that they use – all Aveda from top to bottom! Henriette failed to tell me that this was an Aveda salon and I was sooo excited when I smelt the lovely scent of eucalyptus and lavender upon entering the shop! I love Aveda products and have used their rosemary mint shampoo and mint foot cream for years, ever since stumbling upon them when Harvey Nichols first opened in Edinburgh.

Getting a hair cut at Olimb is a complete experience that takes almost two hours. You feel like a new person when you leave the salon, with a great haircut, relaxed muscles and a spring in your step, smelling gorgeous!

The visit starts with a neck, shoulder and back massage with the oil of your choice. You inhale the relaxing oil while taking some deep breaths, before it’s’ used to massage your neck. I got goose bumps all over. Then follows the washing of the hair, including an amazing scalp massage that had me floating on white, puffy clouds in a pink sky. Once I reluctantly got up from the sink, Pernille poured oil in my hands, which was followed by an exfoliating salt scrub. I got back in the cutting chair with the softest and best smelling hands ever!

Then followed an amazing hair cut where Pernille took her time to get it right – she was trying to copy the works of Henriette, after all! – while she also had the time to tell me about her life in Oslo and ask questions about what I was up to.

All in all, this was the best hair dresser – heck, the best hair experience! – of my life and I’m really excited about going back for a colour appointment next Tuesday. The appointment cost Nok 830, which I think is value for money, considering all the pampering I received. Fingers crossed that I get the whole luxury treatment once again next week!

See my newish (considering we aimed for the same cut as I had the last time) hair cut below. My outfit is a treat for tomorrow!