Purple and dots at Ikea

Zara purple top // Gerald Darel black skirt
Stella McCartney black bag // K Jacques golden sandals
Hermes H mauve/silver bangle // Marc by Marc Jacobs silver watch
Unknown brand amethyst/silver earrings
Yesterday, I took ownership of my new flat and promptly wrote a list of all the things I needed to get for the kitchen at Ikea. Luckily, Skeidar was in the same area and they carry the couch that I want. So off I went in my car on my first shopping expedition for my new flat and I was soon blown away by how close I am to everything, as I live just off one of the ring roads, which makes getting around very quick.
I snapped this outfit photo in a small flat exhibition at Ikea. Apologies for the quality, but I was getting lots of weird looks by fellow shoppers and decided finding a mirror with better ligthing wasn’t worth it, in case someone called security. Though there was rain on the air, the black polkadot skirt was a good choice in giving my legs some breeze in the heat. Especially considering I needed to make three – 3 visits to the store, as I kept forgetting things. So much for writing an incomplete shopping list!
I will share more about the new flat tomorrow – now I’m back in Bergen, packing up the rest of my “old” flat, as the removal van arrives tomorrow morning. Please send me some happy, energetic thoughts as I dive into the pile of old school books in my storage room!