Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

The view from my hotel room at Lido Palace Hotel

I’m loving every minute of my holiday in Santa Margherita Ligure! About 12.000 people live in this charming seaside town, located about 7 km from Portofino. The town is very pretty and has a relaxed, slightly affluent feel to it. The shopping is great for being such a small city.

Our hotel is located just across the road from the beach, so when we are not eating or exploring the surrounding areas, we are in the water. Since we have long winters and a lot of bad weather in Norway, most of us are crazy about the beach and love getting a tan! We only retreat to the shade once we get sunburnt, which we try our best to avoid.

I was planning on adding lots of images from my first day in Santa Margherita, but the hotel internet connection is the slowest I’ve ever come across. Each photograph takes over 10 minutes to load! While resting in my room tonight, I will upload a few more images, to give you a better taste of this charming city. Now I’m off to the spiaggia!


My hotel is the larger building on the left in the photograph, across the street from the beach