Sporty chic // Cropped and embellished

I wore this outfit on one of my last days in Bergen, to run last minute errands before I moved. When I spotted this top in HM I was so excited – finally a cropped top for tall women (and not so cropped for everyone else)! Being over 40 and my stomach being my pet peeve, I don’t like to put it on show. A top of this length is perfect to pair with high waisted trousers such as these harem trousers, while still dipping into the cropped top trend.
Whenever I wear these trousers I have one of my bold days – I think harem trousers look great, but I always feel a bit self conscious wearing them, as they are not everybody’s cup of tea. But who cares, as long as I like them, right?!
The sandals can only be called vintage, according to the very loose definition of vintage in the fashion world – I bought them back in 1996 when I lived in Waukesha, WI, and they still look like new. It’s extremely satisfying to be able to dig out items from my closet that come back in fashion! Although being able to do this also means that I’ve been around the block a few times myself and am growing old(er)
HM grey embellished top // Indiska black harem trousers
Celine black handbag // Birkenstock brown sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs silvery watch (gold/grey here) // Pandora black/silver bracelet
Snø of Sweden silver earrings (these are cute)
  • I wish I still had my Birkenstocks from back in the day. They had a paisley print and were super comfortable of course.

    • They are comfortable — once you’ve got used to the ridge beneath your toes. It always takes my feet a while to understand why that thing is there!

      – Anett