A day off calls for watercolours and Zara

Recently, I took a day off from my flat and went into town to run some errands that were non-redecorating related. It was like skipping a class in school – very naughty!

In addition to getting a new Get box, so I can watch TV in the 21st century like everyone else (mine was the first version issued and reminded me of the laptop I worked on at university back in 1992), I checked out the autumn merchandise at Zara. They have lots of beautiful things for the new season and I picked up these two items – a pair of lightly shredded cropped grey jeans and a leopard print top:


The jeans are really soft and comfortable, with a mid rise that is appropriate for tall women. In the shirt I needed to get an XL(!) to make it fit across the shoulders, the area where Zara garments are typically very tight, being cut for young Spanish five feet senoritas. It got a tad wide around the waist, but it still works, since it has subtle rushing in the back to make a slight peplum shape.

In the outfit that I was wearing while shopping, the colours of the sweater where in focus. I teamed the floral watercolour print with a fuchia vest underneath and a burgundy leather waistcoat on top, with grey in my hand and on my feet. This sweatshirt will also look great with my new grey jeans, so that’s what I’m trying next!


Bik Bok red leather waistcoat // Vero Moda distressed skinny jeans
Balenciaga grey handbag // Earrings are souvenirs from Beijing
Samsøe and Samsøe printed sweatshirt // Pretty Ballerinas grey/black shoes (similar)
Marc by Marc Jacobs brown/silver watch (gold/navy here)
Hermes H mauve/silver bangle (this turqouise is cool) // Pandora leather/silver bracelet
And my secret to not getting blister when walking barefoot in shoes? Talcum powder: