Happy thoughts

{1} Underfloor heating
As I haven’t lived in a house or a flat with underfloor heating in the bathroom since I lived with my parents, it had completely slipped my mind that my current bathroom has this amazing-on-cold-winter-mornings feature until my friend reminded me this weekend. It has been a very hot summer, after all… Now, I just need to figure out what setting to use to get a comfortable temperature – currently, we are suffering from burnt toes!

{2} A big, old shared breakfast
Two days in a row my friend and I have enjoyed my favourite breakfast – heaps of scrambled eggs on a bed of spinach, fried tomatoes and mushrooms and fresh guacamole. This brekkie ticks off all the paleo nutritional boxes, keeps me fired up for about four hours and tastes yummy! Living alone and despite me not being a morning person, I also find it incredibly nice to share my breakfast with someone else, chatting and enjoying the meal together.

{3} Coconut milk
If you had told me a year ago that I would be drinking coconut milk in my coffee, I would have laughed out loud. But after a couple of weeks of forcing it down in order to eat according to the paleo diet, I now love my coconut coffee! At my local grocery store I came across the Go-Tan brand of coconut milk (above), which with its extreme creaminess makes the most delicious latte. Give it a go if you dare!