Happy thoughts

{1} Byredo Gypsy Water
Last week I splashed out and bought the perfume I’ve been lusting after for months. I keep sniffing my arm throughout the day, happily offering anyone else who is curious to take a sniff as well. The scent is delicious!

{2} Unlimited hot water
There’s unlimited hot water in my new flat – included in the monthly fees – and this is heaven for a shower-loving girl like myself! I run my own spa, showering for as long as it takes me to shave, scrub, wash and condition every inch of my body without thinking about the water situation. And yes, I know using lots of hot water is not great for the environment, but this sweaty box and furniture carrying woman’s muscles need it to recouperate!

{3} Recycling
I can recycle ever type of normal househould waste where I now live, and it makes me feel so good placing organic waste, plastic, paper, glass/aluminum and leftover waste in separate bins. Though all these bins do take up a lot of cupboard space, I love that I can contribute to making the world last a little longer. And hopefully make up for my new shower habit…