Helen Fielding // Mad about the boy

While redecorating my flat I needed a quick and entertaining read, and what could be more suitable than the tales of Bridget Jones? In Mad about the boy, her latest book about the girl we all hate to love, Fielding has moved Bridget into her fifties and she is a widow raising two young children. At ditsy as ever, with some surprisingly deep thoughts coming through every now and again, Bridget tries to adapt to life as a single parent while still being in grief.

As highly organised Mark had ensured that his family would be OK financially if anything ever happened to him, Bridget hasn’t worked in a long time. She is keen to find a new career path, though, and tries her hand at script writing. The book is full of the usual misunderstandings, mishaps, drunken nights (though more in than out at this stage of her life) and misunderstandings with characters of the opposite sex. And as usual, the story has a happy ending that make you wish, just for a little while, that your life was a little more similar to that of Bridget Jones.

You can read more about and purchase the book here (UK) and here (US).

  • I am currently two thirds of the way through it! I skipped your review in case there were any spoilers, although I have a feeling I know how it’s all going to work out 🙂

    • Shhh, I won’t tell… Once you’re done, let me know what you thought about it!

      – Anett