Leather five ways // Shorts


I’m hereby kicking off a leather challenge: Five of this week’s outfits will be based around a piece of leather. Off we go with Leather five ways!

This summer, leather has been in high fashion, even though it is typically reserved for the colder months – nobody can deny that it gets sticky wearing leather in hot weather. But now, autumn is around the corner and leather garments are keeping their popularity. Not just predictable black leather dominates the trends, but also burgundy, brown, grey and blue pieces are in focus. Since leather garments can be quite costly, look for them in the seasonal sales. The current sales see lots of leather on the racks – too hot, remember? – and just today I saw lots of great pieces at 60 % off in DAY in Sjølyst, Oslo.

Whenever I buy leather, I bypass the trendier garments and invest in classic pieces that can be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe for years to come.

Though leather jackets that have a great cut, are made from a soft leather and are in a classic colour can be hard to come by in the sales, leather skirts, tops and trousers/leggings are often easier to find. I also get excited whenever I see a pair of shorts, as they are hard to find but great for showing off my long legs! To increase the popularity of leather shorts so they’ll hopefully be easier to come by in the future, they will kick off Leather five ways!

In general, to make leather more interesting, I pair it with garments of different textures. Regular leather is quite shiny, so paired with a wool or cotton sweater (matte) (see outfit here), silk (soft and drapey) or suede (matte and rough) makes it more interesting. As leather is quite masculine, especially when cut conservatively and in a dark colour, I like to pair it with something more feminine. In today’s outfit I chose my pink jacket, at other times I’ve gone with a ruffled blouse or an embroidered top (peasant styles are great).

If your shorts are short, I would pair them with flats, like I have done here. If they are longer, go for heels to elongate your legs. Short shorts and tall heels are heading into Pretty Woman territory.

So, go and grab your leather shorts and fling them on following my tips above and see how cool you look! You can find some great black leather shorts here, here and here, and also check out these in burgundy suede, autumn’s hottest colour. And if you happen to have about £800 to spare, invest in these studded beauties from Isabel Marant. True love.

My black leather shorts are from the high street brand Vero Moda and I’ve had them for about four years. According to my cost-per-wear ideology, they are basically written off by now. It doesn’t hurt that they were only about Nok 499 to begin with, either.

Today, I paired the shorts with a chambray shirt and sparkly necklace, to create a feminine twist on a cowgirl outfit. Since it seemed quite cold as I was heading out the door, I put on grey tights and a pink jacket. All combined, my outfit was a combination of masculine and feminine, high and low, as well as different textures and colours.

Stella McCartney pink jacket and black handbag
HM chambray shirt // Vero Moda leather shorts
Warehouse sparkly necklace // HM sparkly earrings
 Unknown brand booties // HM grey tights
Marc by Marc Jacobs silver/brown watch