Owning stuff. Lots of stuff

Moving from a two bedroom flat into a one bedroom that is over 20 m2 smaller in size, has given me some serious headache. The reason for my discomfort – in addition to bumping into things – is that I own too much stuff. It simply won’t all fit into my new residence!

Unfortunately, I belong to a long line of hoarders who take really good care of their things, buy for the long run and like to be self sufficient. Why rent or borrow something when you can own it? Why donate those cute flairs to Salvation Army when they for sure will be back in fashion in a couple of years’ time? Case in point: I currently wear Birkenstocks from 1997.

In my previous flat everything had its place and there was room for ample storage solutions, which kept the flat light, open and organised. I still owned too many things, however, and though these gave me great pleasure, I didn’t really need them all. Having less things means having less options, which makes the decision making process a lot quicker. No need to fuss over which shoes to wear when you’ve only got three pairs to choose from, right? This has been my world in the past few weeks whilst I’ve been living out of a suitcase, and getting dressed has been a quick, though sadly uncreative affair. In my defense for owning the big wardrobe, I haven’t looked very fashionable during this period. Perhaps I just picked the wrong three pairs of shoes?..

Even though I don’t need to go to extremes, action needs to be taken. I will never run out of clothes to wear, books to read or dishes to eat from, but I am definitely running out of space. The removal company was mighty impressed (shocked?) by the volume of boxes they had to haul up four flight of stairs and a couple of my friends have cautiously suggested that I down-size. And that I aim to do. I have to. I won’t fit into my flat otherwise, let alone have any space to entertain visitors, of which I plan to have many.

So I’ve given myself a clear goal: By December 31st, I must have decluttered my flat and got rid of everything I don’t regularly use from my storage rooms, and where needed, swapped large furniture for something smaller that better suit the smaller rooms. I have given myself a specific number of things to get rid of, as I (like Miranda) respond really well to goals and deadlines.

So how is this down-sizing business going to work with being above average interested in clothes and running a lifestyle blog? I will still be obsessing over fashion and clothes, of course, which entails splurging on new garments every now and again. But I will aim to be better at wearing what I have and become better at donating or selling garments that no longer fit or suit my lifestyle – one garmetn in means that one garments need to go out. The success of my moving sale has encouraged me to run similar sales in the future, possibly combined with sales in which my friends can bring their cast-offs to sell/swap.

Down-sizing is going to be tough, but I’m highly motivated; I’d like my home to be a warm, soothing and creative space in which I can relax and entertain. Remind me to give you a house tour at Christmas, to show you uncluttered surfaces in every room!