Prepping for life post redecorating!

Yesterday, I finally finished redecorating the flat and today I can start to get things in order. While I wait for my huge order from Ikea to arrive, with extra wardrobes for the hallway and glass cabinets for the kitchen, I’ll be busy furnishing the livingroom. I have a rough idea of where I want to place the individual pieces of furniture – which involves a lot of lifting and pushing, as you can see from the photograph above! – but I’m not sure if the furniture will fit where I want it to fit. It is going to be a very exciting afternoon and evening!

My goal is to get the flat in order as much as possible by the end of tomorrow, as on Saturday morning I receive my first visitor! One of my best friends in Bergen is coming to stay and we have a great programme planned for the weekend. We are kicking off with an appointment for her at Olimb & Co hairdressers, followed by my favourite California burger at Hard Rock Cafe (if I can persuade Å…), then the anniversary show at the comedy club Latter in the evening with my friend L, featuring some of the country’s best comedians! On Sunday, we are meeting an old friend of mine from university for lunch. This is going to be the best weekend ever – and my flat will almost be in order as well! Tralala! I’m so excited, that I just can’t hide it! I’m about to loose control (maybe on the dance floor on Saturday?!?) and I think I like it!

Once the painting was done yesterday, all I had the energy to do (after vacuming) was get the TV and my new Get box hooked up, so I could recouperate in front of the telly. Since I don’t have a sofa yet, a sun chair is my current lounger and a dining chair my foot stool. I felt like a queen, finally having got a tiny miniscule corner of the livingroom kinda sorted!

But can you believe the amount of cords that is creating chaos behind the telly? And this is before the three Apple TV cables are hooked up… I need a bunch of cable ties, stat. Does it look equally chaotic behind your TV or does my situation just prove that I’m a TV addict?…