Step 3 // (Un)packing a punch in Oslo

Admiring the new floor in my entrance hall
I took ownership of my new flat in Oslo on July 14th and moved in on the 22nd. Since then, I’ve been busy getting the place decorated and organised. I’ve also had to buy some new furniture, including downsizing some things to fit the smaller space.

As you can read here, I own a fair amount of things, and as I’ve been unpacking, I’ve tried to pick out items that I no longer want, to either sell or donate. I have already built up a nice pile in the attic, but a lot more needs to go. In the upcoming weeks, I will go through all the cupboards and drawers to sort things properly. It’s time-consuming work and I can’t image doing this work for an entire family –  you’ll never be finished! I suspect it’s a lot easier to get rid of other people’s things, though, as one doesn’t have the personal attachment…

Before I started the process of selling my flat and moving to Oslo, this was something that I had been thinking about and planning for months. I was consious of wanting to keep a positive focus throughout the process and ensure that I didn’t go so fast that I would feel worn out and tired of it all. Though it can be hard to keep your spirit up when you only have about 20 cm room to walk around two sides of your bed – and to find your clothes and get dressed in said space every morning – I keep reminding myself that it is just for a limited time. I compare it to going camping; it’s OK to live a scruffy lifestyle for a limited time and it makes you appreciate all the amenities even more once you return to civilization!

Currently, I’m on my third week of messy living and luckily it’s getting less messy by the day. And by Friday of next week it will all be over: Most of my things will be in their right place and I will eagerly await delivery of my order from Ikea with new wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, and a gorgeous sofabed from Skeidar. By then I’ll also have painted the claw foot sofa table that I bought in a thrift store back home (below) and had an electrician hang all the new light fittings.

I haven’t quite got to grips with the fact that I live in Oslo yet, though. It is so exciting! I have a huge list of museums I want to visit, areas I need to see, restaurants and bars I want to try and last, but not least, fashion stores I need to peruse. I also have a whole bunch of friends I need to meet up with, once they are all back from their summer holidays.
You bet this girl is going to whip out her hair* once her flat is complete!
*A Norwegian proverb which means to paint the town red.