Tall girl’s essentials

There are a few garments that I view essential in a tall woman’s wardrobe – those items you should have in your closet in order to be able to make the most of your wardrobe. Some of these essentials are probably useful for those of you who are of a more regular height, as well!

Scarves – Tall people tend to have longer necks and I for one, often feel very naked in the neck. Therefore, I love to throw on a scarf and would like to think of it as a gigantic necklace. It brings colour to an outfit, keeps you warm and doubles as a blanket if you are cold on the bus.

Long vests – I have these in every colour under the rainbow, to wear under jackets, blouses and sweaters that feel a little on the short side or I think are itchy (I get itchy very easily, unfortunately). The trick is to choose a vest that is slightly darker in colour that what you are wearing on top, to create depth to your outfit, and for the vest not to be the focus point. Head to HM and Cubus for the best and cheapest selection.

Long long-sleeved t-shirts – For the same reasons and in the same variety as above, only to use in the colder months under long-sleeved sweaters. Again, HM and Cubus have the best selection.

Footless tights – These are a godsend in the winter when you are wearing boots. If I wear tights for too long, my toes start to hurt. When I wear boots, I wear footless tights instead, and regular socks on my feet, which make my toes so happy! Also, you don’t run into the familiar problem with having to size up in the tights for them to fit your long legs – here you can go with your regular size, as you are hiding the bottom of them in your boots anyway. I buy mine at HM.

Leggings – Luckily, the leggings trend is back for autumn 2014. Leggings are NOT to be worn as trousers, but rather as very thick tights underneath dresses that we tall girls are dying to wear because they are so pretty, but tend to be just a wee bit too short on us. With the leggings on – fitted long or mid calf – you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone in strong wind or when you sit down.

Knee-high socks in nylon, cotton blends or wool blends – Sometimes trousers are just going to be a wee bit shorter on us tall gals than the designer intended, in particular those that are supposed to be cropped on women of a regular height. In these instances, knee-highs are handy. They keep your calves warm and your attire more professional looking.

Shoe blocks – Though not a garment in themselves, shoe blocks sure do make dressing your feet more joyful. Whenever I buy shoes that I feel are just a little bit too tight – in particular ballerinas with elasticated edging – I let them sit on the shelf with shoe blocks inside for a couple of weeks, or even for months when I’m not wearing them. This stretches them out so they will fit perfectly. Ikea has cheap plastic shoe blocks in two sizes.

Jeans – If all else fails and you can’t find anything that fits you, go for a pair of jeans from Levi’s or another reputable brand. Jeans come in all lengths and waist sizes, so there’s bound to be a pair that will fit your long body perfectly!

  • I get very itchy easily too! As for leggings not being worn as trousers, I would say about 80% of women here in southern Spain would disagree. Especially now that winter is on the way I am seeing more and more of them. (I don’t own a single pair however).

    • You see the tights all over the place and it’s not pretty when they are worn with a short top! It is just too much information. The only place it works is at the gym! And those are in a thicker fabric… 😉

      – Anett