Birthday cards

As I have mentioned before, 2014 is the year that I aim to make all the gifts that I give away, including the gift tags and the cards. These last two weeks it was my mum’s birthday as well as an important wedding, and I did not have any home made cards that were appropriate. As luck would have it, Panduro was having a major sale and I managed to score a few new stamps that were birthday and wedding appropriate.
I have explained before how to do embossing, but thought I would do a short recap with the birthday cards I was making. One of the stamp kits I bought were of cute little animals, perfect for children’s birthdays as well as fun friends.
Here is all the equipment that you need: On the left is the stamp attached to the acrylic block. At the top right is the glue pad. The pot contains gold embossing powder. The drier is on the right, while the small brush is used to remove stray powder before drying the card:
Tap the stamp gently several times against the glue pad and then place it on the card. Make sure that all areas of the stamp are touching the card.
Pour embossing powder over the glued area, making sure everything is covered. This part is better done over a wide container, so spills can easily be poured back in the pot:
Pour the excess powder back in the pot. You will now see if any areas are missing glue. In this instance the stitches on the elephant’s legs were missing. Use a glue pen to draw in the missing lines, reapply powder and remove excess:
Now all the lines are in place and the elephant is ready to be “blow dried”:
The card on the left has been embossed, but the powder has not been dried, so it is fussy. The card on the right has been dried, the powder has solidified and the card is ready. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes:
In the sales I also got hold of a cool hot air balloon stamp that I used for the wedding card, along with a gold heart on the envelope:
I also used this stamp to make colourful birthday cards, as well as using other stamps I thought appropriate for birthdays and regular correspondence cards. I am particularly fond of the butterfly and the other insects!
I used gold on all my cards this time, but there are several other colours available in embossing powder. Below, the card on the left is made with black glitter powder on natural paper, which I think looks very elegant:
The cards will look very different dependent on the colour of cards and glitter that you use, even if the stamps are the same – case in point are the animal stamps in black/gold vs pink/gold.
Do you make your own greeting cards and if so, which technique do you use? I would love to know!
  • Great post you have, I really love the presentation and the designs of every birthday cards . It is simple yet a beautiful one. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Ashley! I’m afraid I’m hooked on making these embossed cards, and I’m planning a post on Christmas cards. Watch this space!