Bray and The Oakley Court Hotel

Yesterday, I caught a city bus from across the street of Selfridge’s to Hyde Park corner, and bus 702 from there to picture-perfect Windsor, where the queen has a very impressive castle at her disposal. The journey only took an hour and a half, but we are in the middle of the most gorgeous countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of London, with the river Thames running through the lush vegetation.

I am staying at The Oakley Court Hotel outside Bray, a town reknown for its two Michelin star restaurants. We ate at one of these last night, The hind’s head, and though the food was good, that and the level of service in no way hinted at Michelin status.

The hotel is in a very pretty location, situated right by the Thames and set in a huge park, including a golf course. When I arrived yesterday, I was famished and headed straight outside to the al fresco dining, where I had a juicy hamburger. Sitting there overlooking the gardens and the river, it was like eating in a Jane Austen novel – the medieval-looking hotel has lots of towers, spires and gargoyles to admire!

Next post up is about picturesque Windsor!