Crab salad

Crab salad. Brown crab. Taskekrabbe

Taskekrabbe – brown crab – is the crab that is native to Norway. It is currently in season and I have been taking the opportunity to eat it several meals a week, as I simply love shellfish! Today I will give you the recipe for a quick and delicious crab salad. In a few days, a recipe for crab cakes is coming up, as I finish off the two remaining crabs in my fridge before I head off to London for a week.

Ingredients – serves one

2 large handfuls of fresh spinach, slightly torn apart
6-8 cherry tomatoes, halved
2 spring onions, sliced thinly
1 avocado, cut into pieces*
The meat of 1 medium-sized crab
Lemon juice


1 ts mustard
1 tbs applecider vinegar
3-4 tbs good olive oil

Either buy a whole crab or get one that has already been cleaned. While getting a cleaned one is a safer bet, as you never know how much meat will be inside the body of the crab, cleaning your own does make you feel quite good about yourself. You can provide, right?!?
Youtube has lots of videos on who to clean a crab, if you haven’t done it before. FYI: You can eat eveything but the soft lung pieces that hang on the sides of the main body (about 4-5 on each side). The dark meat has a strong, earthy flavour which adds great character to the white meat.

To prepare the crab meat, add salt, freshly ground pepper and a squirt of lemon juice and stir well to combine the white and the dark meat. If you wanted to make the crab meat more spreadable, eg for sandwiches, add mayonnaise until you have achieved the correct consistency.

Crab salad. Brown Crab. Taskekrabbe

In a large bowl, add the spinach, then the remaining vegetables. Ground some salt and pepper on top.

Crab salad. Brown crab. Taskekrabbe

Pile the crab meat on top, decorating with one of the small claws.

Make the dressing by adding all the ingredients to a jar and shake well. Pour the dressing over the salad and you are ready to go!


Crab salad. Brown crab. Taskekrabbe

*An easy way to slice avocado: Cut the vegetable in half and remove the pit by hacking the knife into it and twisting to loosen. Use the knife to cut three slits lengthwise in each half, then 4-5 slits across each half, being careful not to cut through the skin. Use a teaspoon to scoop out the contents. Voila, cubed avocado ready to eat!

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    Dette var en veldig god salaten 🙂 Kan anbefales!
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    • Så hyggelig at du likte den! Bon apetit!